23. 05. 2019

We have become an exclusive representative of the company Zakłady Chemiczne „Rudniki” S.A.

Our experience and healthy potential is exactly what traditional manufacturers are looking for. As a result of this, we have become an exclusive representative for the Czech republic and Slovakia of the company

"Zakłady Chemiczne" Rudniki "S.A.", a major European producer of inorganic binder systems.

„White sands for your mixtures“ but also „Grudzeń Las white sands for water glass Z.CH. Rudniki"

Our long-term strategy and vision of a mutual project based on the promotion of one brand in the field only, appealed to the management of Z.CH.Rudniki. Due to our interests in the further development, we accepted their proposal to expand our product range with "inorganic binders", such as:

  • water glass sodium
  • water glass potassium
  • foundry binders
  • etc...

This is a connection of our company with the production of Z.CH Rudniki, based on a high-quality raw material, silica sands from Grudzeń Las.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding these binders and we will be happy to help.