The H-GLOST, s.r.o. company was established in 2010 with the idea of satisfying all of our customers' needs in connection with delivering the quality of offered products and services, flexibility of supplies and one-to-one human approach.

Our company’s philosophy appealed to the leading producer of silica sands – Grudzeń Las Sp. z o.oWith the aim of expanding its activities on the Czech market, the company appointed us as the exclusive representative.

We have managed to fulfil our commitment to continuous growth by taking a big step ahead and unifying all our activities into one place. In April 2019, we moved to brand new premises in Kuřim. 

We continue to grow both in the area of products and services. We have extended our offer with non-silica products, blasting materials and measuring instruments and we are able to meet your requirements in terms of transport, operative warehouses and measurements.

While doing all of the above mentioned, we stick to one principle: ALWAYS cooperate with a single producer in the given area (sands, binders...). This philosophy appealed to the chemical plant Zaklady Chemiczne "Rudniky" S.A. and we were pleased to accept their offer to become an exclusive representative of their brand for Europe.

Having many years of experience in the field, we are ready to meet your requirements. 

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H-GLOST, s.r.o.
Knínická 2040/9,   664 34  Kuřim
Czech Republic

Email: info@h-glost.cz
Website: www.h-glost.cz

Compady ID: 292 27 348
VAT ID: CZ 292 27 348

Incorporated by the
Regional Court in Brno,
Section C, File 67032


    Miroslav Hrazděra Ing. Miroslav Hrazděra
    Company Director
    +420 544 544 444
    +420 774 336 117
    Miroslav Hrazděra
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    Radmila HrazděrováIng. Radmila Hrazděrová
    Economist, prokurista
    +420 544 544 445
    +420 774 336 115
    Radmila Hrazděrová

    Eliška Chrástková Eliška Chrástková
    Sales Assistant
    +420 544 544 441
    +420 733 715 713
    Eliška Chrástková
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    Petra Golik Strakošová, Ph.DIng. Petra Golik Strakošová, Ph.D
    Technical and Quality Manager
    +420 544 544 442
    +420 736 673 700
    Petra Golik Strakošová, Ph.D

    Libor Beníšek Libor Beníšek
    +420 544 544 448
    +420 733 715 709
    Libor Beníšek
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