Laboratory instruments

Laboratory instruments

Laboratory instruments from the MULTISERW-MOREK company are sought after for their tradition, quality and reliability. The H-GLOST company, a prominent sales representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, provides complete supplies of the entire range of products. We are not the best in the world, which is why we provide you, our customers, with all warranty and post-warranty repairs directly in the MULTISERW-MOREK company. This guarantees our customers that all spare parts are original and that the software used is updated. 

Our laboratories at Grudzeń Las sand plants and the H-GLOST laboratory have these products installed and we use them to our full satisfaction. Therefore, we only offer such products of which we are convinced, based on our experience, that are of high quality.

Other tools

Other tools

We supply other measuring tools, such as:

  • rod samplers for dried sands
  • rod samplers for wet sands 


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