We offer periodic inspections related to supplied products using the most advanced measuring and controlling equipment.

Laboratories in Grudzeń Las

  • Consist of three operating (product) laboratories, one central physical laboratory and one chemical laboratory
  • Basic equipment: sieves, blenders, laboratory scales, drying ovens, digital permeability tester and more
  • Specialised instruments: X-ray sequence analyser, vibration mill and press, laser particle size gauge and more    

Laboratories at H-GLOST

H-GLOST has its own laboratory equipped with calibrated Multiserw-Morek instruments: 

  • NEW - measuring of the thermal expansion „HOT DISTORTION test“
  • Granulometric determination – under DIN or PN-ISO 3310-1 
  • Total clay determination
  • Moisture determination
  • Our digital microscope and hardness tester can be used for operational testing

External certified laboratories

We can arrange independent analyses and specific measurements in cooperation with:

  • Brno University of Technology (and its specialised departments)
  • Department of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering CTU in Prague
  • Foundry Research Institute, Krakow